Is It Coming soon To WEST ?

Sony announced taking down of Playstation Tv from the Japanese Market. The said micro-console was first launched in Japan in 2013.The product shipment page on the official retailer website shows “End Of Shipment”. PS Tv is still available in sales from some major retailers in the west.
Playstation Tv was, basically, a non-handheld PS Vita plugged into a television, controlled with either the DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controllers, the PS TV is capable of playing many PS Vita games and applications, either through physical cartridges or downloaded through the PS Store. However, not all content is compatible with the device, since to certain features in the PS Vita such as the gyroscope and microphone are not available on the PS TV. Nevertheless, the PS TV is able to emulate touch input for both the Vita’s front and rear touchpads using the DS3/DS4 controller.
In Japan, “PlayStation TV” was the name given to PS 3 retail kiosks from 2006 to 2014, which consisted of a PS3 unit, an LCD monitor and a number of controllers
The system was released in Japan on November 14, 2013. The device on its own sold for 9,954 yen tax inclusive (about US$100), whilst a bundle version with an 8 GB memory card and DualShock 3 controller retailed for 14,994 yen (about US$150).
It was reported that PS TV was not a big hit in Japan, selling around 185,000 units since its launch in the region in November 2013. The device debuted in North America in October 2014 and arrived in Europe a month later.
Sony’s PS Vita segment has received decreasing amounts of attention over the past year and a half. In October, a Sony executive told a Japanese publication that Sony itself had no titles in development for the handheld.

SOURCE: Polygon News


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