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Persona 5 Gameplay Footage Out


Skills, Puzzles, Movie Dates, Video Games ……Highlights of Persona 5 Gameplay

Atlus showcased live stream of Persona 5 gameplay. The said gameplay was of 18 minutes in total.

Persona 5 is due out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on September 15 in Japan and on February 14 in the USA. A European release is also planned via publisher Deep Silver, but a release date has not been announced.

The new Persona 5 gameplay footage shows a new look at the day-to-day activities, battle techniques and much more. Solving crossword puzzles for stat boosts, going to a public bath and battling with enemies.

There’s a new crafting system in the game which allows players to create their own items and poses for finishing moves. Persona Central has a detailed live blog of what’s happening in the Japanese-only stream.

Another good news is that more info is promised with a second stream. The Persona website teases more to come.

Since the first release, Persona has been building a great fan following for the RPG game all over.

The footage also showed the return of skills, a fishing mini-game, a movie date with Futaba Sakura, and more.


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