Killer Instinct is a fighting video game, the third in the Killer Instinct series, developed by Double Helix Games, Iron Galaxy Studios, Rare and Microsoft Studios under supervision of Ken Lobb, and released as a free-to-play launch game for the Xbox One in 2013. The game is a reboot of the series, though some plot elements from the previous ones(Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2) have been retained. It received positive reviews for its mechanics and engine, but was criticized for its initial lack of content. A second season of characters was released between 2014 and 2015. A third season, along with a port of the game for Windows 10, is currently in development, scheduled for release on March 29.
While it was first released in 2013, Killer Instinct has been divided into three separate phases of development called “Seasons”. The first Season was produced by Double Helix Games, and the second and third by Iron Galaxy Studios, following the acquisition of Double Helix by Amazon. Each season contains a new set of characters, stages, game modes, and other features.

Recently, Iron Galaxy has revealed all the different versions of the upcoming Killer Instinct Season 3. The purchasing options range in price and content, and all of them are available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Combo Breaker Edition:- It costs you around 20$ which includes access to eight new fighters and instant access to Rash from Battletoads, Arbiter from Halo, Kim Wu, and Tuskand also some other characters to release throughout the season.

Ultra Edition:- It costs you around 40$ which includes all contents of Combo Breaker Edition plus VIP Double XP Booster and also eight retro costumes, accessory sets, bonus Retro Colour 7 for all eight Season 3 characters with 18,000 KI Gold (Limited time offer).

Supreme Edition:- It costs you around 60$ which includes all Killer Instinct characters(a total of 25), all content from each season’s Ultra Editions (including costumes, accessories), VIP Double XP Boosters, Bonus Colours for all eight Season 3 characters with 18,000 KI Gold (Limited time offer) and also Killer Instinct Classic, and Killer Instinct 2 Classic for Xbox One.
Season 3 starts March 29 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Check out the Killer Instinct Season 3- Rash Trailer


Ultra Edition of the game can be downloaded from HERE. (WINDOWS)


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