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LineageOS Successor To CyanogenMod Is Now Available

CyanogenMod-The most popular custom ROM for Android saw its end with the end of 2016, LineageOS was formed as a continuation of the project. Many CyanogenMod followers and the members of the modding community were left flabbergasted by the CyanogenMod Team’s decision to quit.

The lineageOS team comprises of some of the original team members from the CyanogenMod. As of now, the first official builds of the LineageOS have started to roll out.

Over 80+ new Lineage OS builds will be uploaded in coming days

One of the ROMs released by LineageOS team was for the One Plus bestseller, One Plus One. OnePlus One users immediately took a liking to the new custom ROM launched by LineageOS for their smartphones.

According to the data shared by LineageOS, a total of 14,061 OnePlus One devices codenamed “bacon” have installed the new LineageOS ROM on their smartphones up to now. The second most popular smartphone users owning the Xiaomi Mi 5 codenamed “Gemini,” followed by the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, also known as “Kenzo” installed the LineageOS.

Additionally, Lineage OS has announced that in upcoming months over 80 new Lineage OS builds will be uploaded. LineageOS team said that the new builds are being called Lineage and they are not much different from the CyanogenMod builds. For example, Lineage OS’s builds use the same build number as that CyanogenMod used. For example, Lineage OS 14.1 will stand for Android 7.1 Nougat while Lineage OS 13.0 for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The greatest thing about Lineage OS builds is that they don’t require users to wipe their device’s data when flashing the operating system. In fact, Lineage OS can be flashed straight over an already existing CM 14.1 or CM 13.0 ROM.

Cyanogen Saga

Cyanogen, the company that once aimed to build a better version of Google’s AndroidOS than Google, shot to fame with its CyanogenMod custom ROMs and CyanogenOS that powered the popular smartphones like the OnePlus One. However, after the instant fame, the company started to see a series of roadblocks, which ultimately forced the company to shut down its services, announcing a final goodbye near Christmas last year.

If you want to try out Lineage OS and you’re one of the lucky few with one of these devices, you can check it out at the downloads page below. If your phone isn’t on the list, check back on that page in the future to keep an eye out for your phone or just follow us as we will update this post constantly to keep our readers updated.

Download from HERE.


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