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LeEco Le 2: A list of Pro’s & Con’s



LeEco launched the successor to it’s Le1s in India, the LeEco Le 2. Le 2 (Indian Variant) is a Qualcomm Snapdradong 652 device unlike the Chinese variant. Le 2 have a 5.5 inch full HD  display and a 3000 mAh battery. On top of that LeEco Le 2 also have a 16MP primary camera. 3 GB RAM and a 32 GB ROM.

Like every device out there, LeEco Le 2 also have it’s pro’s and con’s which we are going to discuss.

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LeEco Le 2 Pro’s

Amazing Built: LeEco Le 2 is certainly a premium looking phone with it’s all metal unibody design. Le1s being the predecessor is a major device to be compared with Le 2 and Le 2 stands better in comparison. LeEco feels very comfortable to use too.

Quick Charge 2.0: Le 2 comes with quick charge 2.0 which helps the device to be charged upto 50% in  just 30 mins.

Gaming: LeEco Le 2 has Adreno 510 which provides stunning graphics to any game you play. Le 2 performed quite unexpectedly during our gaming test.

Type-C Audio: LeEco latest, CDLA Technology does brings the revolution in audio industry. Users will know the difference very easily, the sound is very crisp and clear unlike traditional earphones.

SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 3 GB RAM powers the Le 2. Unlike it’s Chinese variant which has alot of issues the Indian variant is full of surprises. It’s very powerful and handles quick change of applications and games very well.

Supertainment: Having LeEco’s new smartphones has many perks, some of which are a full year membership to live TV, songs, movies etc. And also 5 TB cloud storage.

LeEco Le 2  Con’s

Heating: During Gaming and Camera test, Le 2 was found to be getting quite warm and heated up when heavy games like Gangstar Vegas, GTA San Andreas etc. were played. Also at time of 4K video recording, just after 5 mins device was very much heated up.

Camera: Although 16 MP shooter captures very good quality pictures, it doesn’t do as well during the video recording. Camera keeps on focusing at different points and the stability is not that impressive too. Video comes out to be shaky and disappointing.

CDLA: These earphones are a remarkable piece of audio accessory but not everyone wants to spend some extra money over earphones. LeEco Le 2 has no 3.5 mm audio port which means the Type-C port is used for multiple things. Which also means you can’t use earphones while charging.

Storage: LeEco Le 2 comes with 32 GB on board storage….That’s It.There is no option to expand the storage unless you want cloud storage. No memory card slot is available in the smartphone.

Every device has a list of good and bad things about it. what matters is how small can the Con’s list be. All in all LeEco Le 2 is a remarkable device with some minor faults. But the features that Le2 offer are more than enough to overcome those faults.

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