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Don Bradman 17 & Women Cricketers


Don Bradman Cricket 17

The legendary cricket game is coming back with its next installment. Big Ant Studios confirmed Don Bradman Cricket 17 to be launched this December on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The successor of Don Bradman Cricket 14 will see some major changes and upgrades. Better graphics and the all-time loved features of DB Cricket 14 will be seen much more enhanced.  Users who will be upgrading from DB Cricket 14 will be able to import their player data as well. Users will also be able to paint their players with tattoos in Player Creation mode.

CEO, Ross Symons said that the original game gave them a good start. Now the company will focus on providing even better and more realistic approach to the gamers all around the globe.

He further stated, “The impending release of the Don Bradman Cricket Academy will give players a taste of just how far things have come.”

Introduction Of Female Cricketers

For the first time, gamers will be able to play with the female players in Don Bradman Cricket. When the game launches in December, it will have an option for selecting Women teams for playing.

Character creation option will provide just as much customization for women players as it does for men.

Big Ant Studio is quite happy and excited about this. The CEO said that The company tried to bring gender equality to the game with this approach. The company is proud to be the first one to do something like this in the gaming industry.

Users interested in previewing the character customization option can do so with a new update to the Don Bradman Cricket Academy app. Available on Steam.

Big Ant Studios called Australia’s best female cricket players to capture the movements for the in-game avatars via motion capture. Developers are dedicated to ensuring women players in Don Bradman Cricket 17 are as true to the sport as possible.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 is Due For December Release.

Click Here For The Demo Version Via Steam – DBC 17 Steam Demo


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