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Devil May Cry 5 (DMC)

It is the latest addition in the series, Devil May Cry series is very well known for its story and over the top hack-n-slash style of gameplay. As this is the fifth installment of the main story line of the Devil May Cry series, we’ll see the return of playable characters Dante and Nero, alongside a new character a mysterious summoner known as “V”.


The gameplay is very much similar to the previous Devil May Cry series, the fast-paced hack and slash action. The protagonist/player fights off a bunch of demons using a variety of attack combos and weapons. As the game progresses, the players unlock a huge range of new skills, abilities, and weapons. After each chapter, the players are ranked on the basis of the combat skills and receives a style-rating based on the same.


Devil May Cry 5

NERO: The Young Devil Hunter

The young Devil Hunter operating out of the mobile Devil May Cry. Having lost his demonic arm- the Devil Bringer in the events of Devil May Cry 4, he stands against the invading demonic forces with a new power provided by Nico. He is equipped with his Red Queen sword, his Blue Rose double-barreled revolver, and an assortment of new robotic arms called Devil Breakers (Nico’s Gift), with a variety of functions such as grabbing enemies from a distance or stopping time to freeze an enemy in place.

Devil May Cry 5

DANTE: The Strongest Demon Slayer

Dante is a Devil Hunter of legendary proportions. He is a half-human, half-demon hybrid, born to a human woman Eva and the demon who saved the human world, Sparda. He overcame battle after arduous battle in his past, and currently serves as a barrier to any attempt by demons to invade his world. Dante greets any and all challengers with a signature smile on his face. Along with his signature blade Rebellion and the demonic sword Sparda, Dante was shown using two new Devil Arms, a pair of buzzsaw-like weapons that combine into a motorcycle called Cavaliere, and a set of fiery gauntlets and boots called Balrog. In addition, Dante will also wield Cerberus, introduced in Devil May Cry 3.

V: The Mysterious One

Devil May Cry 5

The third playable character, V, is shown wielding a cane and a book. During an interview, Capcom decided not to disclose how exactly V fights yet, though have teased that V’s combat would be completely different from Nero’s and Dante’s. Through trailers, it is revealed that is a summoner and uses three demons which are Griffon, Shadow (Panther) and a large Golem.

Devil May Cry 5 Nico

NICO: The Artisan of Arms

The self-proclaimed “artisan of arms” teaming up with Nero. Her grandmother was Nell Goldstein, the legendary gunsmith. She creates the Devil Breakers that replace Nero’s lost arm. She’s just a call away from the players and lets the player acquire Devil Breakers and skills from the weapons development workshop.


Devil May Cry 5 Trish

TRISH: Fiendish Femme Fatale

An alluring demon resembling Dante’s mother Eva in appearance. Once an enemy of Dante’s, she changed her ways when he saved her life, becoming a partner of sorts to the Devil Hunter.


Devil May Cry 5 Lady

LADY: Armed Hunter For Hire

Lady met Dante during an incident in their past, and after many twists and turns, she joined him in the devil-hunting business. A businesswoman through and through, she can be observed forcing unprofitable jobs onto others and taking a finder’s fee for her trouble.



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Capcom Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game developer and publisher known for creating numerous multi-million selling game franchises, including Street FighterMega ManResident EvilDevil May CryMonster HunterSengoku BASARAAce AttorneyOnimushaBreath of FireOkami, as well as games based on the Disney animated properties. Established in 1979, it has become an international enterprise with subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Japan.


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