(fair warning some of you may not agree)

Any Hot New Series from HBO – you do have to watch


Sci-fi movies ft. Explosions and raccoon or a tree who speak only Groot you do have to watch.


Sherlock – BBC series ft. Benedict Cumberbatch you do have to watch

But any other Sherlock adaptation like – Elementary Or Sherlock Holmes (movie) ft. Robert Downey jr ,you don’t.


Classic movies about Nazi is mandatory.schindlers-list-17523-hd-wallpapers

Reboots are not mandatory but movies which were good enough in the first place to get reboot, are.RoboCop 4

Simpsons you have to watch everything from season 3 -9


Arrow you do have to watch but Flash….(let’s say Season 2 is way better)img_7280-0

Breaking Bad is mandatory and so are Suits and The wire.


You do have to watch Star wars but in a certain sequence.

The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are good watch and also Fresh Prince.p185124_b_v9_aj