ADR1FT Hits PlayStation 4

Adam Orth’s development team, Three One Zero is responsible for ADRIFT setting it’s course to PlayStation 4.

Adr1ft’s story starts from players handling the role of astronaut Alex Oshima. Apparently her space station faced a catastrophic event which she doesn’t remember. Players will have to put together all the pieces of the events. Story mode takes on this while players also have to keep themselves oxiginated in the outer space.

The environment may be fully explored, but players will be restrained from exploring too far. One of the restraints is an oxygen limit, which players must monitor to avoid suffocation. When running low on oxygen, players’ vision becomes blurred; they must obtain an oxygen tank to stay alive.

Players move throughout five areas, completing a series of puzzles. Players are able to locate audio logs that will expand on the events of the incident; the game is set in the year 2037. Players will also find artefacts from the dead crew and must decide whether to return them to Earth. The game is said to have two main objectives: to survive, and to return home safely.

Adr1ft playstation 4

Development and What developer have to say ….

The team noted that the “look” of the game was the biggest change that occurred during development. Orth compared the game’s art style to the minimalist presentation of the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Developer Adam Orth says,”The game replicates my feelings and aftermath of when I lost my job.” and also stated that the game is about “action, consequence and redemption”.

Adr1ft was set to release on Windows PC, but was delayed to match the launch of the Oculus Rift. According to Orth Adr1ft should  be experienced in virtual reality, but it’s not clear if the game will be seen on PlayStation VR when the headset launches on Oct. 13.

Adr1ft will also launch on Xbox One later this year.

ADR1FT Is Set To Be Released On 15th July.